As the relationship between software, devices and people gets increasingly complicated SAP is constantly updating its terms and conditions; Infraware has technical and contractual experience to help its clients manage cost and uncertainty.

SAP licence Review

For organisations who wish to reduce the overall cost and risk associated with their SAP software estate, this service provides a complete licence position plus recommendations for improvements and future licensing strategy. It offers particular value if you are looking to understand your potential exposure associated with SAP Indirect Usage.

Who will benefit?

Our SAP Licensing Review Service is aimed at organisations who wish to manage and reduce the overall expenditure and risk associated with their SAP software estate. It is tailored for those looking to evaluate the risk of Indirect Usage specific to SAP agreements, make changes within their current infrastructure, or just looking to ensure maximum return on investment.

Key review subjects

This service will cover all the key aspects of how your organisation manages its SAP software usage.

  • Contracts Analysis: clauses specific to user access, levels and restrictions

  • Software entitlement data gathering

  • User license assignment analysis

  • Indirect Access analysis

Service outline: Format

The service starts with a conference call with one of the Infraware SAM Consultants. The engagement then progresses through the following stages:

  • Remote assistance with Entitlement

  • Remote assistance with Contract specifics

  • Worksession (remote) with server teams

  • Analysis of deployment data

  • On site presentation of findings

  • Suggested road map for cost and risk reductions

Service outline: Timescales

Timescales vary depending on organisation size, however SAP Review Service usually takes 8 to 12 weeks from start to finish.

Service outline: Output

Following the review, you will receive an in-depth report summarising our findings and recommendations including:

  • Current 'SAP Effective Licensing Position’

  • Independent recommendations for licensing and process improvements

  • Road map for recommended SAP license management strategy