IT departments are increasingly under pressure to optimise day-to-day operations and improve efficiency; but all whilst spending less. Without a clear view of the hardware, software and licences that make up the IT infrastructure, reducing cost is a near impossible task.

SAM Services

We provide an end-to-end software asset management solution for organisations looking to gain complete visibility and control over their software licensing spend.

By 2019, annual spending on enterprise software licences will decrease by 30% as a result of software licence optimization (Gartner, 2016)

Our core focus is to ensure our clients reduce and manage their software costs. We do not lead with SAM technology but instead we take a pragmatic staged approach to ensure our clients achieve their business benefits at all times. For organisations that want to effectively manage their software estate Infraware provides a number of support services that provide detailed and accurate information back to Management Teams.

Our fresh approach to software asset management helps our clients improve visibility, reduce cost and risk, and drive greater long term value through sustainable asset management frameworks. Our highly skilled team are industry specialists in business process design, software licence consultancy, digital forensics and asset data reporting.

Trends like cloud computing, virtualisation and consumerisation of IT are fuelling IT evolution and adding business complexity. Intricate licensing, new asset types and pay-per-user business models add further far-reaching risk. So, we believe that SAM is not just about compliance; it’s an on-going value journey. We also believe that businesses should pay for what they use and use what they pay for.

In the UK, 28% of all software deployed on PCs is unused, with total cost $991M (1E, 2015)

We focus on helping businesses achieve immediate visibility of their assets to meet compliance requirements and reduce risk in the organisation. From there, we take them down a path of optimisation and consumption to drive value from historic procurements, use their SAM insights to release budget, ensure their licenced products are effectively used, and equip them for business transformation. As their trusted advisor, we often guide them on the best software options available to them, including moving core infrastructure and applications to the Microsoft Cloud to optimise their licensing.

Properly managing software can lead to cost savings of up to 25 % by driving out hidden inefficiencies from over-licensing applications or harbouring unused software (BSA,2015)

SAM is a holistic discipline that can deliver strategic business advantages. The market continues to see a risk in the number of technology toolsets promising to deliver SAM success. However, we believe tools are of little value without strong processes and people to support them. Our tailored service portfolio uniquely focuses on users, process and technology and is designed to deliver cost neutrality to the client within the first six months to one year of operation.

Software Vendor Strategy Consultancy

The evolving licensing landscape makes it challenging to effectively monitor and control your software assets. Yet common business needs like cost analysis, cloud feasibility assessments, architecture licence checks, and software vendor baseline reviews are reliant on this information.

Infraware’s consultancy team provides impartial advice across many software vendors - including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, EMC, Symantec, SAP and more - on how to maximise the effectiveness of your vendor contracts. You are always assured of unbiased advice based on your needs and goals.

  • Software inventory (Baseline) reporting

  • Application rationalisation

  • Contract and cost analysis

SAM Support Services

If your business requires support and reporting on all IT assets, we can provide a range of flexible, affordable services and technology tools to help you realise and maintain long-term business benefits.

As part of Infraware’s unique approach to holistic IT asset management, we can also design and build appropriate SAM systems and frameworks with business benefits built-in at all stages.

So, whether you need partial support for your in-house teams, or a fully outsourced service, you can be confident of realising the required business benefits, on time and in budget.

  • Technology deployment

  • System process design

  • Audit data analysis

  • Licence analysis

  • Cost reduction

  • Risk management

  • Publisher defence

  • Outsourcer governance

  • Reseller price verification

Infraware works under a number of models; via reseller programmes, with your specific outsourcer, direct, cost neutral and margin share. Please get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you gain control of your assets.

Software & Hardware Asset Consultancy

Infraware’s unrivalled consulting experience has helped hundreds of organisations to quickly achieve their goals.

Our tailored asset consultancy services focus on the core business benefits that will provide you with the highest return on investment: cost reduction, risk reduction and operational optimisation.

  • Process design

  • Vendor risk assessment

  • Settlement forecasting

  • Technology review & implementation

Business Transformation Services

Transformation and complexity are synonymous with IT. Infraware has a deep understanding of how to extract IT estate data sets that enable organisations to review, optimise, transform and manage their IT estates with ease.

  • Procurement support services

  • Software Defined Network migration services

  • Mobile Device Management services

  • Cyber security risk assessment & mitigation services

  • Cloud migration readiness

  • Big Data review and consultancy

  • Windows 10 migration

  • Application Rationalisation

  • Cloud proof of value reviews