Infraware is an enterprise IT services business that provides its clients with accurate visibility on their asset portfolio. We work with many global fortune 500 organisations to connect, control and optimise their assets.

About Us

Infraware operates across the globe helping clients manage and optimise assets. With a long history in IT Asset Management, our early days were spent pioneering and shaping todays well known standards and training courses:

  • 1998 Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) Certification programme

  • 2000 FAST Audit Training Day

  • 2003 ISO 19770-1

  • 2006 – 2009 British Computing Society SAM Board Member *ITIL SAM Foundation & Practitioner Course Syllabus

  • 2006 – 2009 SAM ITIL Training Foundation & Practitioner Courses

  • 2009 ITIL SAM V.3

Our experience and deep understanding of SAM standards have earned us the privilege of working on some of the largest SAM and ITAM process projects over the past 20 years. This activity coupled with our global audit practice for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP have ensured that Infraware remains at the forefront of the software and asset management industry.

As we move into an ever growing digitised world, Infraware now applies its IT Asset Management skills and knowledge to bring rapid business benefits in the Enterprise Asset Management industry.


We work in partnership with your in-house teams to complement and extend your own resources, whilst building a deep understanding of your requirements and goals.


We work transparently and honestly, always to the highest ethical standards.


We ‘break the mould’ in our style, our solutions and how we approach our clients’ requirements.

The Team

We have some of the most experienced staff in Europe. As one of the leading global software & asset management service providers, we were involved in authoring and reviewing of SAM ITIL V3 (2009), Federation Against Software Theft (FAST 1999) and ISO 19770-1 (2003 & 2009). We are now actively helping our clients adopt ISO 55000 principles.

We always look for the 'best fit' solution and we advise our clients when the deal is not right for them.

Our background and experience has enabled us to enter other asset management markets with relative ease since the onset of Internet of Things (IoT).

With great accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of traditional asset management projects, we have enabled our clients to better understand the cost of their assets and the real value of the data that can be collected from such assets.


Infraware actively supports the asset management industry by contributing to the ongoing development of SAM, FAST, ITIL and ISO standards.


We are committed to delivering high quality services and solutions that are based on industry best practices and our constant focus on results.


We guarantee software vendor independent advice and a truly impartial service.

Our Pedigree

Infraware started its life in the IT Sector helping organisations understand exactly what software and hardware was in use throughout their environments. This very often involved logging and tracking thousands of assets across multiple networks and countries around the world.

A notable project, and probably our most challenging, was with NATO. It entailed tracking a number of assets in almost 30 countries that were constantly moving around. Our background in IT and these kind of projects have led us into the more traditional world of Asset Management where we bring in the concept of the Internet of Things.

By connecting traditional assets up to the internet, not only are we able to bring unprecedented levels of control and protection but we can shine a light on what was either nonexistent or ‘dark data’ to our clients.


Our mission is to maximise our clients’ return on IT investment by delivering unrivalled asset management services and solutions.


Our vision is to be the leading independent asset management consultancy in the world.


We are flexible and adaptable to ensure we deliver a premium service in a changeable environment.